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Reinach School Chambéry France

Reinach School Chambéry France

Lycée Reinach Chambéry France is a Public School
• Secondary School Year 10-12: 440 students (General, technological and professionnal Bac)
• Graduate School L1, L2: 60 students (BTS)
• Vocational School: 220 apprentices + 100 learners (CFPPA)

Aims and activities 

Our mission is to Implement the Public Education Services, under the Authority of the French Ministry of Agriculture, Agrifood and Forestry.

We are funded by both French State and Region Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes.

Our main areas of intervention are :

• Essential function of education and teaching,

• Preparation for and success in examination,

• Social and professional integration,

• Personal accomplishment,

• Agriculture, environment and mountain careers,

• Students services: catering, accommodation, education and career information, guidance and counselling, leisure, health care…

Our Methods are :

• Educational and pedagogic autonomy within the framework of the National Standard School Curriculum,

• Teachers and students commitment to environmentally responsible school,

• Support to students’ Association: ALESA (cultural sector), Team Reinach (sportive sector)…

• Innovative teaching methods with projects management adapted to the curriculum, social and professional network, contribution to the local development,

• Adapted timetable and 3-months period in Alpine Station/Ski Resort for students preparing the ski guide diploma and young top level athletes,

• Mid-Mountain guide professional preparation,

• Involvement in international cooperation actions,

• Students involved in farming activities through our 84ha farm with 80 dairy cows (Tarines local breed), 60 meat Ewe (Thônes & Marthod local breed), snail rearing, cheese production (Tomme de Savoie), horticultural and vegetable greenhouses, methanisation: manure and other organic waste convert into electricity and heat, educational farm, and sale of local farming products.

Our experiences are :

• Strong training complementarity:

• Territorial studies: ecology, agriculture, local socioeconomic stakeholders, tourism, sustainable development …

• Professional partnership: University, Schools, Farmers’ Union …

• Field visits,

• Education on many topics: environment sciences, agriculture, livestock, crops production, meadow, farm machinery, landscaping, vegetable and flowers gardening…

• Outdoor activities: alpine and nordic ski, mountain bike, kayak, climbing, orienteering, raid…

• Vocational training: farming, viticulture, forestry, alpine shepherd, ...

• High examination success rate: secondary school certificate: 99% (science), 94% (farm management), 88% (farm machinery), 84% (agronomy & biology), 74% (landscaping), and 2-year technical degree : 81% (farm machinery), 80% (farm management), 73% (landscaping), 80 to 100% for ski guide certificate (75 students),

• Farming Award: Local Award and International Agriculture Show at Paris,

• Sports Championship, several students became Member of the French Skiing Team.


Projects and activities involving young people 

All pupils/students are involved in educational activities in link with Alpine mountain.

Type of organisation 
Center za izobraževanje / usposabljanje in šola
Državna služba / javna ustanova
Biotska raznovrstnost
Klima / energija
Kulturna dediščina
Razvoj zemljišč & gospodarstvo
Planinske koče
Naravne nevarnosti
Pastirsko življenje
Odgovorna poraba
Smučarski kraji
Športne in prostočasne dejavnosti
Trajnostni razvoj
Promet / mobilnost
Ravnanje z odpadki
Zimska gora


Berengère Pierre
Lycée Reinach
La Motte Servolex

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Države intervencije 

Voyages d'étude et stage à l'étranger

Area of intervention 

Auvergne Rhône Alpes

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