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Biotehniški center Naklo/Biotechnical centre Naklo

Biotehniški center Naklo/Biotechnical centre Naklo

Biotechnical centre Naklo is educational, research, and development centre with all its activities strongly oriented towards sustainable development.

Aims and activities 

In short, our aim is to be a quality educational, research, and development institution that puts a sense for the nature in the forefront, care for the production and processing of healthy food, and care for the environment in close cooperation with the economy. We want to encourage entrepreneurship and innovation as well as to care for the personal development and friendly working environment for our students and employees.


To be more specific, our main aims are:

  1. To equip our students with good education in order to become more flexible and adaptable in different working or learning circumstances.
  2. To educate and train students and adult learners for the biotechnological sector. Develop new training programmes in the fields of formal and non-formal education.
  3. Research work in cooperation with Slovenian and foreign universities and business sector to develop concrete, applicable results.
  4. Cooperation in national and international EU projects with other educational institutions, VET providers, industry entrepreneurs, representative of public bodies on EU, national, and local level, development agencies, associations, local action groups, etc.
  5. To give great importance to relation between theory and practice with possibility to use centre facilities for the purpose of learning – real learning situations.
  6. To accomplishing sustainability in all fields of work.
  7. To contribute to the rural development to prevent migration of population from rural areas.
  8. To develop responsibility for the individual person and for the nature.


Our main activities are focused on the following areas:

  • sustainable development 
  • nature preservation 
  • wildlife management 
  • renewable energy 
  • organic farming 
  • food processing 
  • agriculture 
  • horticulture 
  • floristry 
  • dairy 
  • stockbreeding 
  • rural development 
  • urban gardening 
  • natural and cultural heritage 
  • tourism.


These activities are implemented in all 3 units of our Centre:

1. Secondary school:

  • biotechnical grammar school
  • professional technical school (programmes: Nature Conservation, Horticulture, Agriculture and entrepreneurship, Food processing)
  • vocational school (programmes: Florist, Gardener, Farmer, Confectioner, Baker)
  • lower vocational school (programme: Assistant in biotechnology and care)
  • all programmes can be carried out as adult education (Life Long Learning)

2. Higher vocational college (programs: Countryside and landscape management, Nature preservation, Hortuculture), and research unit with 20 researchers

3. Inter-enterprise educational centre (subunits: project office, adult education unit, school shop, dairy and food processing workshop).


In addition, BC Naklo has also other extra-curricular activities such as:

  • cooperation with local community on different projects
  • organization of professional events (mainly on the field of nature conservation), courses, seminars and creative workshops, activities for primary schools, fair activities, exhibitions, events and performances in our gym
  • participation in various national and international projects: Erasmus+, Leonardo da Vinci (Italy, France, Portugal), Eco school, Comenius, Phare, Innovative projects (School Quality), Unicef, Unesco, Cross-border and transnational cooperation Interreg (SI-AT, ITA-SI, Alpine Space), Rural Development Program (LEADER), The Norwegian Financial Mechanism, Swiss Contribution, National programs financed by the ESS and the ESR.
Projects and activities involving young people 
  1. Numerous school, local and national projects
  2. International projects:
  • Erasmus+
  • ECO school
  • UNESCO school
  • MEPI
  • Let's cross borders - SCHOOL4LIFE
  • Farm SUCCESS
  • Smart farm training for employment (SFATE)
  • Florist e-learn book: Florist e-learn book and quality insurance in secondary florist studies by using FlorCert as a tool
  • Aqu@teach: innovative educational tools o promote learning among EU students using aquaponics
Type of organisation 
Centro di educazione / formazione e scuola
Rete di educazione ambientale
Istruzione superiore e ricerca
Servizio statale / istituzione pubblica
Clima & energia
Eredità culturale
Sviluppo del territorio & economia
Capanne di montagna
Rischi naturali
Pascolo / pastorizia
Consumo responsabile
Ski resorts
Sport e attività ricreative
Sviluppo sostenibile
Trasporto / mobilità
Gestione dei rifiuti
Montagna invernale


Biotehniški center Naklo
Strahinj 99

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Paesi di intervento 

Other EU countries (in the scope of EU projects, Erasmus exchange for students and teachers, other international collaborations)

Area of intervention 

North-Western Slovenia, Gorenjska region (also known as Upper Carniola)

Altre informazioni 

We are interested in taking part in various projects with partners abroad. If you are interested too, please contact us.
For our contacts please see Contact information above.

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