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Berchtesgaden National Park

Berchtesgaden National Park

Germany's only Alpine National Park:
High mountains, deep valleys and crystal-clear Alpine streams define this protected area.

Objectifs et activités 

"Allow nature to remain in its natural state" is the motto of Germany's one and only Alpine National Park.

The Park has set itself numerous tasks:

  • Nature Protection
  • Environmental Education
  • Research
  • Recreation
Projets et activités impliquant les jeunes 

Educational program of Berchtesgaden National Park

Berchtesgaden National Park offers a huge variety of different interactive and playful indoor and outdoor activities for children and young people:

Outdoor programs in the national park: The main focus of the different interactive outdoor programs is to experience the national park with all senses. In the three valleys of the national park children and young people learn about flora and fauna in a colourful variety of methods.

Indoor programs in the educational center of "Haus der Berge": The educational center offers the perfect conditions for modern education in the field of sustainable development. In the educational center children and young people take a closer look at the nature of the national park. The main idea of the program concept is self-discovering learning. In contrast to everyday school life, the participants are given the opportunity to deepen their individual interests.

The eductaional program is published twice a year - summer and winter program. The current eductional program can be found here: All events are free of charge and held in German. English tours are only offered on request (at least 10 participants) and only if the staff is available. A written booking via the booking form on the website of the national park is required.
For more information:

National Park Children and Youth Groups

Berchtesgaden National Park has 5 groups for children and young people between 6 and16 years old. Each group meets one day a week in the afternoon for two hours. They discover and explore nature in their local environment, experience the seasons together, play, do handicrafts, build camps and do much more. Usually the children are part of the group for several years, which enables a continuous and sustainable education and, by including the whole family, contributes to a higher acceptance of the national park.

Type d'organisation 
Espace protégé alpin
Type d'espace protégé 
Parc national
Climat & énergie
Patrimoine culturel
Risques naturels
Sports & loisirs
Développement durable
Montagne hivernale


Nationalparkverwaltung Berchtesgaden
Doktorberg 6
+49 8652 9686-0

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National Park of Berchtesgaden, Bavaria

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